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​“I never really believed that I could change my body until I started working out with Action Personal Fitness, it is a life changing experience.” 

From our clients
-Bob Horen U.S. Olympic Figure Skating Committee Chairman 
Why should I choose Action Personal Fitness?
We are not a referral service, but an organization devoted to your fitness needs. Our trainers  are nationally certified professional trainers. When you use our service, you will find some of the best trainers in the area. Sure, there are independent trainers who will come to your home. However, when you choose Action Personal Fitness, you know you are getting a qualified trainer who can work with your schedule and help you reach your goals. You can feel secure knowing we perform background checks and carry insurance. If your trainer should leave us (they rarely do), we will assign you a new trainer and keep the transition as seamless as possible, so you can keep working toward your goals. 

What age ranges do you train?
We cover all age ranges. We have clients in their 70’s, as well as client that are pre-teen. However the majority of our clients are between 30 & 70 years of age.

How often should I train with Action Personal Fitness?
Our average client uses us twice per week. Some clients use us more often and some less. We also have clients who work out on their own and use our service every few weeks to be sure they keep progressing. Other clients, once they experience working with a trainer, find working out on their own to be difficult, and use us for every workout. It all depends on your personality, schedule and budget.

Do you provide athletic training?
Absolutely. We love working with athletes, we work with you or a family member one-on-one to improve your ability in the sport you are competing in. We often train high school athletes during their off season, or help golfers improve their game. We can increase flexibility, agility, speed, strength, etc.

I am getting married and need to get in shape fast can you help?
Whether you need great looking arms for your strapless dress, wide shoulders for your tuxedo, great abs for your honeymoon bathing suit, or just overall weight loss and toning, we will develop an intensive program for you to get the best results in the quickest time possible. Of course you will need to be on an aggressive training schedule with us and follow strict nutrition guidance (which we provide or you can use another service of your choosing). Remember, the photos will be around forever.

Why did you name the business “Action Personal Fitness”?
We get asked this question a lot. No, its not because we wanted to be listed first in the phone book. The word “Action” is fundamental to fitness, health, and life. We chose Action because our basic formula is simple “Take Action!”. The problem most people have is they take no action towards their fitness goals, they talk a lot, but never do anything. So we want people to stop talking and take action instead. Get up, get moving, have fun, and get fit. 
*There's no guarantee of specific results and results may vary.