Michael Miranda
Sean Geran
Sean graduated from Manhattanville College with a M.A.T. in Physical Education. He is an AFAA certified personal trainer who has worked as a fitness coach and nutrition adviser in the Asheville area since 2010.  Sean designs workout routines that are well rounded, enjoyable, and effective. 

"I love being able to help people improve the quality of their lives through movement and healthy eating."
Michael is a certified personal trainer who  specializes in strength & resistance training and core conditioning. He is a certified P90X trainer and also utilizes a variety of cardiovascular training techniques to keep your workouts fun and effective. 

"I have a passion for fitness and for helping people achieve their goals. As a former overweight and out of shape person,  I know what it takes and can relate with many of your struggles and concerns." 
Sarah Thomas
Sarah has been a certified personal trainer since 2007. She has trained clients from the  mountains of North Carolina to Auckland New Zealand. She specializes in weight training, yoga, running and body building. She has worked with all types of athletes- from golfers to yogis. She has a passion for finding eating plans that fit your lifestyle and eating good food with out cutting out cravings! Sarah can  make a personalized work out for each person that is fun and just  as challenging as it needs to be..... since we are all unique. 

"If you can dream it,your already half way to it coming true"
Lilia Anteau
Lilia has a degree as a Registered Nurse and a degree in Behavioral Psychology. She is a NASM certified personal trainer, NASM certified Corrective Exercise Coach, Venice Nutrition certified Nutrition Coach, and she is certified in Barre Above and Pilates. Lilia has been helping individuals achieve their physical fitness and nutrition goals including weight loss, injury prevention/ rehabilitation, and improved sports performance through her customized nutrition and personal training programs.

“I believe well balanced nutrition and exercise provide a foundation for personal happiness”

Martin Williams
Martin has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years. He defines his self as a trainer that “Addresses the physical needs of the student” He has a passion for designing exercise programs that improves overall fitness and health, increases stamina and mobility and develops a positive, confident sense of well being. 

Martin’s background includes many methods of training for each individual’s specific goals. From Physical therapy to body sculpting to strength training to martial arts strength training and exercises that improves a golfer’s distance and accuracy, he has a very broad spectrum of athletic knowledge to share.