*Hi Todd,
Hope your week is going well. I wanted to share some good news with you. I had my BIA test last night. This measures how your internal body functions are working, Cell wall quality, inter and intra cellular water usage, muscle mass versus fat mass and so on. My continual improvement has brought my internal age down to 40 years old! How cool is that! I have gotten 6 years younger! Your work with me has had a huge impact on that success and I greatly appreciate your help! Maybe this year I can get into my 30's. I'll have to add that to my goals.  
Have a great week.
*Working out with Action Personal Fitness has been a great experience. I have been able to get back in shape by following their nutrition and training regimen. My workouts are very effective and never boring. My trainer keeps it motivating and fun. Thanks for the help.” 
-Guy Lee, MD Spinal Surgeon
*Todd, thanks again to you and Walt for helping me lose 58 pounds in 110 days. I feel great. 
-Brian Cover, June 2011
*"I never really believed that I could change my body until I started working out with Action Personal Fitness, it is a life changing experience.” 
-Bob Horen U.S. Olympic Figure Skating Committee Chairman 
*I think that Lynda is wonderful. Lynda is professional and very educated when it comes to physical fitness. She knows exactly how to find my motivation and to keep me motivated. Her workouts were perfect for my level of training. I feel know that my energy level is up and I am more motivated to keep up a workout routine. It is now apart of my life instead of a "diet". 
You should be proud to have her on your team. I owe all of my progress to you and Lynda.  
Thank you so much! - Erin Sternberg
*As the leading cause of firefighter fatalities is heart attacks, the Fort Washington Fire Company was looking for new ways to promote health and fitness among its members. The FWFC contacted Action Personal Fitness for help and thanks to Todd and his team; we were able to create a unique program open to all members regardless of their current level of fitness.  
Action Personal Fitnesshas been conducting a boot camp for the FWFC for over two years. Todd and his team provide a mix of routines to help the members build strength and stamina. Participating firefighters have commented how participation in the boot camps has increased their fitness which has resulted in them being able to work longer at incidents. One firefighter described his experience like going to church. “You may not want to get up and go, but when it is over, you feel so much better.”
As we finish our summer session, members are already talking about how they are ready for the fall session to begin. 
Thank you to Todd and his team for supporting the men and women of the Fort Washington Fire Company.
-Tom McDonald, Fort Washington Fire Company.
*Action Personal Fitness helped me get in great shape for my 
wedding in just 6 weeks!  
*Working with a trainer from Action Personal Fitness has not only increased my energy level and stamina but it has also given me the confidence I need to interact in the fast-paced entertainment industry.
-Terry Peeler Arts and Entertainment Lawyer 
*Todd, wanted to let you know, how much I am liking your training.
Specifically, I like how:
1.) You are keeping daily charts and slowly upping.
2.) Pushing me for last 1-2 reps.
3.) Constantly monitoring how my joints are doing.
4.) Checking on how I am doing on my goals.
Thanks - Scott Creighton

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